Fire Advisory Board

Rick Campos

Rick Campos began his career in emergency services while serving in the United States Air Force. During his time in the Air Force, Rick was assigned to the Fire Protection Flight and served in many locations, including California, Texas, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. After his enlistment, Rick became a firefighter/EMT for a small fire department in Northern California, where he later obtained his paramedic license and an associate's degree in fire science. In 2015, Rick became a civilian company officer for a federal fire department in Northern California that is made up of both active-duty military and civilian personnel. There he has been able to share his passion for fire and emergency services with the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. Rick has a bachelor’s degree in emergency management and has been working as a fire and EMS instructor since 2015.

Christian D’Allaird

As a police officer, paramedic, and firefighter, Christian has a wide array of experience in public service working in various systems from 911 to interfacility. Christian began working in EMS in 2011 and is currently an NREMT paramedic as well as an AHA instructor. He became a captain at the Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service in Rochester, New York, in 2014, where his duties included managing fleet equipment and supervising personnel. Christian has spent several years working as a firefighter at volunteer departments throughout New York. In 2016 he began working for Brighton Ambulance in Brighton, New York, and in 2018 he became a full-time senior police officer in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Christian continues to work part-time for American Medical Response Dekalb in Georgia. As an instructor and first responder, Christian focuses on protecting and serving the public to improve the safety of his community.

Spencer Edwards

Spencer became a certified paramedic in 2000 and has over 20 years of experience in the fire and EMS industries. During most of that time, he has worked for two agencies simultaneously, one in a full-time capacity and the other as a part-time employee. He started his full-time career as a firefighter/paramedic and advanced to the rank of captain. In this position, he has had the opportunity to supervise younger paramedics and yet still have some time for hands-on experience. In his part-time role, he started as a firefighter/paramedic. He then was promoted to captain and shortly after that he was promoted to assistant chief. He served in that position for 6 years and gained valuable experience, including taking on the roles and responsibilities of the training officer. Spencer has a passion for teaching and learning and was an adjunct instructor for the Utah Valley University paramedic program for 5 years. In 2013, Spencer received a bachelor's degree from UVU in emergency services management. He is currently working on a master's degree in organizational leadership.

Paul Giannini

Paul Giannini started his public safety career in 1983 as a volunteer EMT in Trumbull, Connecticut, where he grew up. He became a volunteer firefighter in 1984 and attended paramedic school in 1985. While in Connecticut, he worked as a career firefighter-paramedic, training and quality improvement manager, and was an instructor at multiple EMS programs. He moved to eastern Pennsylvania in 2001, where he started a career in the medical device business while maintaining a second full-time job as a paramedic and volunteering as a firefighter. He held various leadership positions in EMS and was the business development coordinator for the critical care transport program at Lehigh Valley Health Network until 2013. In his 36-year career, Paul has held various leadership positions in fire and EMS agencies. He currently works as the director of clinical services for ZOLL Cardiac Diagnostics in Pittsburgh. He is still active in public safety as a part-time paramedic for Monroeville Fire Company #1 and Penn State EMS. He has been teaching for CareerCert since March 2016.

Kate Harvath

Kate Harvath has been a full-time firefighter and paramedic in Northern Utah since 2012. Kate is also an adjunct professor for the Utah Valley University Fire Recruit Academy. For the 7 years she has been teaching new recruits, Kate has developed a passion for educating incoming firefighters. Kate also works as a critical care technician in a local ER serving one of Utah’s largest tourist communities. Whether instructing or caring for patients, Kate focuses on lifting, serving, and helping others to make an impact in her community. Kate has a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and she enjoys spending her time traveling as an expedition paramedic.

Benjamin Lunsford

With over 25 years of experience in fire, rescue, and EMS training, Ben brings an instructor’s perspective to online learning and development. He has been involved with the development and delivery of online training with the NC Community College System, National Fire Academy, as well as many other clients across the United States. Ben has been a regular instructor for the National Fire Academy in the training program management curriculum for the past 9 years, where he has also served as a subject matter expert for the development of the managing officer program as well as several course review committees. Ben has a passion for life-long education. He holds a bachelor’s degree in emergency management from Western Carolina University and is planning to pursue his master's of education in training and development. He is a North Carolina credentialed EMT, North Carolina certified firefighter, and Instructor III qualified to teach many disciplines across the fire and rescue spectrum. He serves on the Rescue Competition Committee for the NC Rescue Association, where he also performs as a judge for the annual competitions at the state level. Ben is a senior instructional developer for 911 e-Learning Solutions, LLC where his combined emergency service background and eLearning development training helps him build interactive and practical online training opportunities.